A complete guide for the orchestral cymbal player, Cymbalisms was authored
by Frank Epstein. This book shares a host of musical and magical moments in
his experience as a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This book/2-CD
package discusses the concepts of sound, musicianship, precision, articulation,
color, balance, and response in orchestral cymbal playing as it relates to some of
the greatest works in the orchestral repertoire. Cymbal players will gain valuable
insight on developing a good sound through the many personally developed and
formulated strokes contained within. The accompanying CDs feature over 100
excerpts from orchestral literature (performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra)
to help demonstrate the vast array of cymbal techniques and artistry required in the
music from the greatest composers of the orchestral repertoire.

Written by Frank Epstein, edited by Robert Sonner,
Published by Hal Leonard. 106 pages.

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