E40 Grenadillo Castanets Medium

E40 Grenadillo Castanets Medium

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Frank Epstein’s imported, concert-quality Symphonic Castanets are made from only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Available in rich, black granadillo, Frank Epstein’s castanets are built with centuries-old Hispanic workmanship that demands and draws the best musical tone from these rare woods.

Additionally, old world artistry and an exclusive handle design by Frank Epstein himself, the mastery of crisp, pure articulation is brought within the reach of every orchestra’s percussionists.

All castanets come with the exclusive Frank Epstein handle permanently mounted for maximum control, rhythmic articulation, and a beautiful tone.

All castanets are made from imported black Granadillo wood.

The Small Castanets have a high, bright cutting sound. These small castanets are useful for more delicate articulation.

Now after 50 years a new and improved mounting device which keeps the castanets perfectly aligned while being played with the handle design. Whether you play your castanets on top of the knee or on the side of the knee, the castanets will stay perfectly aligned guaranteeing a beautiful sound every time castanets are struck together. 

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

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New castanets designed for the orchestral player now available in two new series: The E40 and the E50 are each available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The new design is applied to both series.

The new mounting system includes a newly patented insert which guarantees that the castanets will always be perfectly aligned and will not waver from striking each other at the precise playing spot Now, no matter where the castanets are played: on top of the knee, the side of the knee or anywhere else, the castanets will always sound great as their playing spot is fixed.

The E40 is designed to give the best beautifully articulated sound possible. If you never need to roll them (perhaps younger players) use the E40. If you plan Both the E40 and E50 will roll, however it is the E50 where the roll is actually very easy and a key feature of this design.