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Frank Epstein is proud to offer a full suite of the finest percussion and drumming instruments and accessories available. From handle-mounted castanets to playing machines, carrying cases, music, literature, and more, Frank Epstein Percussion is the preferred choice of orchestral percussionists throughout the world. Known for his innovation and attention to detail, Frank Epstein Percussion products are both unique and finely-crafted. His selection of products includes:



Frank Epstein’s imported, concert-quality Symphonic Castanets are made from only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Available in rich, black grenadillo or lustrous rosewood, Frank Epstein’s castanets are built with centuries-old Hispanic workmanship that demands and draws the best musical tone from these rare woods.

Additionally, old world artistry and an exclusive handle design by Frank Epstein himself, the mastery of crisp, pure articulation is brought within the reach of every orchestra’s percussionists.

All castanets come with the exclusive Frank Epstein handle permanently mounted for maximum control, rhythmic articulation, and a beautiful tone.

Now available in two distinctive woods and three pitch ranges!

Granadillo Castanets

#5G High, bright, cutting sound $172

 #6G Lower, more mellow pitch $172

 #7G Rich, low pitch $178

Rosewood Castanet

#7R Rich, low pitch $155


Traditional Clapper Castanets $175

#TCC Made from heavy, imported wood. Special contoured handle & paddle, carved
out for maximum tone. Excellent for soft & loud rolls, as well as crescendo rolls.

*Per Set: (2 handles)


Double-Ended "Clapper" Castanet $160

#DCC These castanets are great for loud rolls, perfect for the Spanish repertoire like The Three Cornered Hat. They also come with a special designed handle and paddle, for maximum tone and volume.

*One handle